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  • Saturday, November 14, 2015, event
    The next event of Marylanders for Constitutional Governance, the Official Constitution Party Maryland state affiliate, will be on Saturday, November 14, 2015, from 11 am to 2 pm at the below location in Howard County, Maryland.

    Howard County Public Library
    Glenwood Branch library
    2350 Route 97
    Cooksville, Maryland 21723

    Guest Speaker: Carroll County Commissioner, Richard Rothschild

    Richard will discuss the below three topics & take questions from the audience. 

    1) AGENDA 21: Why it was rebranded as Agenda 2030; and the threat to worldwide capitalism. 

    2) IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Proof the climate change movement is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing (in their own words) designed to bring an end to American wealth and free market capitalism.

    3) COMMON CORE: Replacing the 3-R's of Education with Marxist Values, Attitudes, and Beliefs.

    Richard Rothschild is in his second term as County Commissioner. He has worked in sales, and management of a Fortune 100 high-tech firm.

    He hold a bachelor's degree in engineering, and an MBA from Loyola college. For 17 years he operated his own successful real estate investment business.

    During his first term, Commissioner Rothschild established himself as a maverick in support of constitutional property rights. His county's new Master Plan states, "Carrol County values, and citizens' unalienable rights of life, liberty, and property, are respected, protected, and sustained."

    His initiatives include the following:

    • Created Maryland's first Second Amendment Preservation Resolution
    • Created Maryland's first school choice program
    • Was the first American official to terminate membership in the U.N. ICLEI
    • First Maryland official to demand enforcement of NEPA regulations that protect farmers from damaging EPA mandates.

    Richard has served on MACO's legislative committee; is a board member on the Clean Chesapeake coalition; belongs to the MD Association of Realtors; and was inducted as an honorary lifetime member of Oathkeepers for his defense of citizens' rights.

    He and his wife, Joni, live in Mount Airy. They have two grown children.

    District 4 includes the southwestern portion of Carroll County. It includes the towns of Union Bridge, New Windsor, and Mount Airy.

    The event will take place in the Meeting room.

    Enter the library, make a left to walk down the hallway, and the room is at the end of the hallway.

    The event is free to attend. You may eat & drink in the room.

    Everyone is welcome. You don't have to be a Constitution Party member to attend.

    There will be petitions for people to sign so the Constitution Party can regain ballot access in Maryland.

    Several of us including guest speaker Richard Rothschild will go to lunch after the event at the below restaurant located around 3 miles from the library.

    Smokin' Hot Bar & Grille
    2465 Route 97
    Glenwood, Maryland 21738

    Please go to http://www.mapquest.com/ for directions.

    If you have any questions please contact Michael R. Bertocchi at 301-814-2005 or mike1970@aol.com

    You may RSVP by going to meetup.com/Constitution-Party-Maryland-Affiliate or by contacting Michael, but it's not required.

    Not an official Howard County Public Library event.

    The location of the event shall not be construed or implied as a promotion or endorsement of the Constitution Party or it's provisional association, its platform, supporters or meeting presenters, by its hosts.

    The Constitution Party and Marylanders for Constitutional Governance wish to express gratitude to our host site for their hospitality.
    Posted Nov 7, 2015, 1:02 PM by Website Administrator
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The Times ... They Are A-Changin'

        We have been witness to the turning of the tide in the political landscape in the wake of the 2010 election cycle results. The Constitution Party of Maryland, in its first ever election season to run a record 10 candidates for partisian public offices across the Maryland, spurred discussion and forced candidates to answer the tough questions many just wished to avoid. 
        We have now had to face a stark reality - the loss of our party's ballot access status in the State of Maryland. The Constitution Party, like the other four recognized state political parties, was required by Maryand Election Law to have garnered one percent of the total registered voters in the State affiliated with the party (34,935 required voter registrants), or our gubernatorial ticket of Knowles/Hargadon would have need to obtain one percent of the total votes cast in that race (18,579 required votes) in order to retain that status. We, like the other two non-principle parties, were unsuccessful in meeting either of the statutory thresholds.  
        There is one other method of obtaining this recognized state political party status - the petition. This method is required of all new parties to submit 10,000 valid petition signatures to gain recognized status. The administration of the State Board of Elections allows a provisional period for those parties that have been unsuccessful in retaining their ballot access to submit a petition before it decertifies the party and notifies its registrants of the loss with an option to chose another affiliation or become unaffiliated.
For this cycle, that administrative deadline was March 7, 2011.
        The Constitution Party of Maryland made an aggressive effort to obtain those 10,000 petition signatures, but in the end fell significantly short. Therefore, for now, the Constitution Party of Maryland will cease to be a state political party and will not be able to field candidates for partisian elections.
        For now, is the the operative term: we do not intend for this to be the end. Which is why the outgoing chairman, Michael Dawson, and those who have served honorably as the State Central Committee, have given us the structure of a provisional organization to primarily work toward again obtaining ballot access with petition drives, and strategic planning, as well as carrying on the efforts of the Constitution Party. You can read more about this in the amended Constitution page of this site.
        Effective March 30, 2011, our "Article VI" provisional organization will commence the next phase of the organization. 'Marylanders for Constitutional Governance: An Association of the Constitution Party of Maryland' (MdCG) will be the name of this provisional organization and it will take the lead in the petitioning efforts across the State.  As the current operating State Central Committee is dissolved under the provisions of Article VI, a new Board of Directors leadership will emerge as the governing body. 
        As lovers of liberty, we encourage you to join with this group, regardless of your political affiliation, to help move forward the a Restoration of the Republic!

Where the Voices of Patriots and Voters come Together,


From the Mountains to the Shore

From the Fields to the Streets


We are ...


Marylanders for

Constitutional Governance

A Message from our Former Party Chairman

Why the Constitution Party: What we stand for...

        The Constitution Party of Maryland is focused on attracting, equiping and delivering candidates to you, the voters in the State of Maryland. Candidates who have proven to be Constitutionalists and who will declare their oath of officeto be the defining factor of their service in office.
        Assuredly, we are not a protest group. Petitioning the government for a redress of grievences has its time and place, but now is not the time nor the place. Protests, in and of themselves, are little more than fighting over the scraps left at the table by those who feast heartily on our dime. As the Constitution Party, we are here to take our rightful place at the table of Maryland governance. 
        We offer a place of refuge to those who value the principles on which this great nation was founded. A place to nurture and develop a voter group that can and will outnumber the principal political parties in Maryland politics. We are NOT a third-party, we are a viable challenger to the way you always thought it had to be. 
        We have watched those with whom we entrusted our conservative principles betray us. Those who promised to vote less government and lower taxes have, once in office, chosen the path of least resistance. They decided it was best to follow a policy of “go along to get along.” And, once challenged, we have watched them fold time and time again. We have listened to their mush-mouthed speeches that not only failed to inspire the base, but have given energy and momentum to the misguided progressives. 
        The words of Thomas Jefferson and the wise, principled men who attached their names, and thereby their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, to the Declaration of Independence, ring as true today as they did 235 years ago.     
        Jefferson speaks of unalienable rights given to man by God. Government cannot grant, alter, nor take away these rights. Its sole purpose is to protect these rights for everyone. The rights to Life, to be free from intrusion, and of self-determination are integral to the human condition. They are not exclusive to the eighteenth century Age of Enlightenment, the original thirteen colonies or the geopolitical boundaries of the United States of America -- they are universal truths. The difference is our Constitution establishes provisions to protect these God-given rights.         
        These things being said, it is, just as our founders proclaimed, the duty of government to secure these rights to the people. Unfortunately, our government has fallen into the same power-grab and corrupted authority as that of the King George III in the years leading up to the Revolution. 
        But don't be mistaken, this isn't all about finger-pointing. It’s not all their fault – we have been complicit in their tyrannical approach. We have been greedy and allowed them to buy our silence in exchange for our comfort. Nineteenth century French political philosopher and observer of the American political system, Alexis de Tocqueville, wrote in his 1833 publication Democracy in America, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” 
        We have become likened to slaves to the government, through exorbitant taxes, through over-reaching and over-arching laws and regulations. But the reality is that we are only as enslaved as we allow others to enslave us. The time is now that we stand up and boldly declare that the principles on which our nation was founded are just as true as they were in Philadelphia during the summer of 1776.

Getting Involved

Becoming an Association Volunteer
        We cannot accomplish our goals without your help. Won't you consider joining the effort? 
        Will you consider volunteering to help organize and get the word out about the party and our candidates in your community, or how about in your county? Or maybe you could help in gathering petition signatures that will recertify the Constitution Party here in Maryland through 2014. Or maybe you would be interested in organizing or helping to organize petition drives where you live.
        If you what to become part of the effort to restore our State and our nation to principled Constitutional governance, please consider joining us.

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