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Securing the Future of the Constitution Party in Maryland
        The Constitution Party became a recognized political party in the State of Maryland in August 2008. This recognized status permits the Constitution Party, in accordance with its own governing Bylaws, to place candidates for public office on the general election ballot. 

        Under Maryland law, recognized status is accomplished by submitting the signatures of at least 10,000 registered voters. The recognition, however, is not permanent and requires continual affirmation by Maryland voters to retain that official status and ballot access. There are three methods by which a recognized political may retain or re-certify its status.        

                1) Obtain at least 1% of the total vote cast for the gubernatorial ticket 
                2) Obtain at least 1% of the total registered voters 
                3) Obtain at least 10,000 signatures of registered voters to re-certify ballot access
    The Constitution Party actively sought to retain its status under the first two methodologies, but fell short of achieving the requirements. The party is currently engaged in a petition drive to obtain the 10,000 signatures required to re-certify.
If you are a Maryland registered voter & would like to sign the new party petition form so the Constitution Party can regain ballot access in Maryland please go to
You are only filling out the form so that the Constitution Party can regain ballot access in Maryland.

Your political affiliation won’t change.
This will allow Maryland voters an opportunity to vote for our party’s candidates in upcoming elections.

Put the name of the Maryland county or put a checkmark in the box to the left of the Baltimore City box located at the top left depending on where you live.
Put Constitution to the left of the word Party that appears under the County/Baltimore City lines.
See the instructions at the top right of the form regarding putting your name, etc. along with your signature.
Please go to if you don’t know exactly how your name appears on the voter registration list.

If you’d like to have your neighbors, friends, etc. fill out the petition form then they can sign the same petition form as long as they live in the same county or if they all live in Baltimore City.

If not, they must fill out a new form for the county they live in or Baltimore City.

Each form must be signed by people who live in the same county. Therefore, someone from Anne Arundel County can’t sign the same form as someone who lives in Howard County.

The person (circulator) who collected the name(s) that appear on each form must fill out the bottom of the form.

Only one person can collect signatures per form so only one name can appear at the bottom left & right of the form.
If you need help or have any questions regarding the form please call Michael Bertocchi at 301-814-2005 or email him at
Please mail the form(s) to the address below:

Marylanders for Constitutional Governance
P.O. Box 303
Rockville, Maryland 20848-0303