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posted Jan 13, 2013, 6:35 PM by Website Administrator   [ updated May 14, 2016, 2:07 PM ]
Podcasts from Constitution Party 2016 Presidential
candidate Darrell Castle

"How The Republic Became a Monarchy"

"The School to Prison Pipeline"

"The Real State of the Union - Part 2 - The Military"

"The Real State of the Union - Part 1 - The Economy"

"2014 As I See It - Obamacare"

"What Lies Ahead for 2014"

"Rising Income Inequality"

"The Romeike Family"

"In Remembrance of John F. Kennedy"

"The Russians are Coming"

"Support the Troops"

"Hillary Clinton Fever"

"The World Sees President Obama for What He Is"

"War on Warriors"


"General Purge"
"Capital Controls"
"The Classical Gold Standard"
"Thinking of the Monroe Doctrine"
"Jobs, Wages, & Job Creation"
"The Government Shutdown Part One"
"The Dominoes are Falling Again"
"Syria Geostrategic Clout"
"Phantom Jobs - Part One"
"Like a Monkey with a Hand Grenade"
"The US in the Syrian Civil War"
"In the Path of Leviathan"
"Marriage & the State"
"Obama and Catholic Schools" 
"Occupy the World"
"Coincidence in Syria"
"Gun Violence"
"China Rising"
"Where Have All the Liberals Gone"
"A Monster on the Loose"
"The World According to Gold"
"The Trial of Bradley Manning"
"Disgrace, Disgrace, and More Disgrace"
"Operation Vigilant Eagle"
"The President on Integrity"
"Immigration Plus Unemployment Equals Riots" 
"To Pray or Not to Pray"
"The Rule of Law RIP"
"Do We Need a Special Prosecutor"
"A Massive and Unprecedented Intrusion" 
"Benghazi Defenders Abandoned to Die"
"U.S. and Russia - Unity of Purpose"


"Dilemma in Syria"


"Obama's Trip to Mexico"


"Internet Sales Tax"

"The Case Against Dr. Kermit Gosnell and of What He has been Accused"


"Debt as Far as the Eye can See"

"Boston: Birthplace of Freedom

Death of Liberty?"

"Boston Bombings and American Liberty"

"The New World Order -- Part Two"


"The New World Order of Vice President Joe Biden"


"Escalating War of Words & Military Maneuvering between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States"


"Drones over America: What Part of the Constitution Should We Destroy Today?"

"Guns & Logic"
"PAYBACK: The U.S. Department of Justice Lawsuit against Standard & Poor's Rating Agency"
"The 49th Munich Security Conference and Vice President Biden's willingness to hold bilateral talks with Iran"
"The Destruction of the Middle Class & some solutions" 

"What Difference Does it Make?" -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Testimony Before the Senate & House on January 23, 2013.

"America's Cycle of Terror" - The BP Amenas Gas Field Attack
"Trillion Dollar Coins & Germany’s Request for it's Gold"
"United States Aid in Mali & Arming Extremists"