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Becoming An Association Member
      This past election season has seen such turmoil and exposure of political corruption, that it has created a new wave of Patriotic Americans just like you; who are fed up with the extremists in politics. We exist so that people like you have a place to go to & belong. ... A 'Safe Haven' of sanity and Constitutional Adherence!  We cannot accomplish our goals without your help. Won't you consider joining the effort to 'Stem The Tide' on the advancement of Leftist Liberalism? Together; we are America's Best & Last Hope for a recovery towards Constitutional Law Abiding Governance!

        Will you consider volunteering to help organize and get the word out about the party and our candidates in your home town community, or in your county? You could help in gathering petition signatures that will recertify the Constitution Party here in Maryland through 2026. Or maybe you would be interested in organizing or helping to organize petition drives for local candidates where you live. 

        If you what to become part of the effort to restore our State and our nation to principled Constitutional governance, please consider joining us to become a member of the Nation's # 1 LARGEST Constitutionally Conservative Political Party.

Call or email us right away.  Also; you may simply fill out this basic contact form   https://form.jotform.com/201330371786149 ..... & we'll be right back with you, as soon as we can.

Autumn 2019 Constitution Party National Event

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Autumn 2019 National Event


Keynote Speaker: Trent England

Trent England serves as Executive Vice President at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, where he also is the David and Ann Brown Distinguished Fellow and directs the Save Our States project. He is an adjunct fellow of New Mexico’s Rio Grande Foundation.

He hosts The Trent England Show podcast, and formerly hosted morning drive-time radio in Oklahoma City. He has filled for various radio hosts including Ben Shapiro.

Trent previously served as Executive Vice President of the Olympia, Washington-based Freedom Foundation and had also directed the Foundation’s constitutional studies programs and Citizen Action Network. He was also a candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives and a legal policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation.

Trent is a contributor to two books—”The Heritage Guide to the Constitution” and “One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors, and Activist Judges Threaten Your Liberty.” His writing has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Times, and other newspapers.

Trent holds a law degree from The George Mason University School of Law and a bachelor of arts in government from Claremont McKenna College. He lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and their three children.

 OCTOBER 18 & 19, 2019

Location Information: 

Double Tree Hotel
Pittsburgh Airport
8402 University Blvd.
Moon Township, PA 15108
Google Map and directions


Room rate is $105.00 + tax per night (two guests per room).

Reservations must be made by using this reservation link provided by the hotel.

Should you run into an issue with reservations, contact Terri Aden at 720-600-9684.

Rooms are available at the discounted rate for Thursday (17th), Friday (18th) and Saturday (19th) nights.

The Deadline is September 24th but you should go ahead and reserve your room now if you plan to attend. They will not charge you now.

Registration Information:

All are welcome to attend.

Early registration for both National Committee Members and guests is $180.00 per person until September 24, after which registration will be $200.00.

Registration includes a “meet and greet” with light supper Thursday evening, lunch and evening banquet on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

You can register online HERE.

Registration is also available by mail or email by using this form here:

National Committee Members:

To enjoy voting privileges, National Committee members must also pay their annual dues here.

“Our Constitution Was Made Only For A Moral And Religious People. It Is Wholly Inadequate To The Government Of Any Other”
–John Adams: Letter to Massachusetts Militia, 11 October, 1798

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