Friday, May 5 & Saturday, May 6, 2017, event

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Friday, May 5 & Saturday, May 6, 2017 event

The National Constitution Party Friday, May 5 & Saturday, May 6, 2017, event will take place at the below location in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Holiday Inn – St. Louis Airport location.

4505 Woodson Rd.

St. Louis, Missouri 63134

Phone:  1-314-427-4700

Fax:  1-314-656-1634

Room Rates: $99.00, including tax. (2 double beds or 1 King-size). 

Mention “Constitution Party” when you call.

Reservation deadline: Friday, April 29, 2017

Free Shuttle to and from the airport, as well as Free parking available.

Friday, May 5:  Executive Committee Meeting and Training for Non-Executive Committee attendees

2016 Constitution Party VP Nominee Dr. Scott Bradley will be the Keynote Speaker on Friday evening, May 5.

The topic will be “The Perils of a Con Con”.

Saturday, May 6:  National Committee Meeting

7:30 am           Registration Opens

8:00 am           Call to Order – Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman. Invocation and Pledge 

8:10 am           Welcome Remarks – Doug Enyart, State Chairman Missouri

8:25 am           Report of Secretary – Cindy Redburn

8:35 am           Report of Treasurer – Jerry Kilpatrick

8:55 am           Resolutions Reports   Doug Aden – Preliminary Report 

9:05 am           Proposed By Laws Changes – Fmr. National Chairman Jim Clymer

9:15 am           Annual Budget vs Actual Expenses & the New Nationbuilder  Software – Jerry Kilpatrick

9:25 am           Organize or Die!  The Choice is Clear!” – Cindy Redburn

9:55 am           Social Media - Acclimate or Perish , Progress since Huntsville  Meeting – Clint Bishop

10:30 am         Ten Minute Break

10:40  am        Social Media - Acclimate or Perish , Progress since Huntsville Meeting – Clint Bishop (Continues)

11:25 am         Howard Phillips Newsletter, An Indispensable Tool to Build the Party – Peter Gemma

12:10 pm         Lunch (Included in registration)  (Blessing on the Food – By Invitation) 

1:10 pm           Review of Fund Raising Efforts Year-to-Date – Frank Fluckiger            

1:20 pm           Getting Our Candidates Elected to Office – Gary Welch 

2:00 pm           Ten Minute Break  

2:10 pm           Successful Ballot Petitioning  Since the Huntsville Meeting – Carolyn Cosby

2:40 pm           The Power of Nationbuilder Data Base System  in Promoting the Party – Jerry Kilpatrick

3:10  pm          By-Laws proposed changes – Fmr. National Chairman Jim Clymer

3:35 pm           Resolutions  Changes – Doug Aden

4:00 pm           Implementing What We Have Learned  Here in St Louis – Frank Fluckiger              

4:20 pm           Confirmation of 2017 Spring and Fall National Committee Meetings Sites – Frank Fluckiger            

4:30 pm           Benediction by invitation and Adjournment

All are welcome to attend including children

You don't have to be a registered Constitution Party voter to attend.

Registration fees for Non-Executive Committee Members will be $75.00. Executive Committee Members will be due $95.00.

Annual Committee Dues are $100.00 for all who expect to vote.

Separate information is provided above for Hotel Reservations. Please download  THIS FORM and follow the accompanying instructions to enroll. A proxy form is included as well.

Our previous meeting in Huntsville, Alabama was particularly fruitful.

We expect nothing less during this one and hope to have an even larger turnout.