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Saturday, January 26, 2019, event with guest speaker

posted Feb 10, 2019, 12:15 PM by Website Administrator   [ updated Feb 10, 2019, 12:41 PM ]

Constitution Party Maryland 10 am to 2 pm Saturday, January 26, 2019, event in Frederick, Maryland

Constitution Party of Virginia member Charles W. Kraut, MBA will be our guest speaker to discuss Fixing America

Charles believes that the key to restoring America’s freedoms and greatness lie in calling upon its citizens to throw off the shackles of the welfare state and stand up for their God-given rights.  

If Americans are to be self-governing, as the Founding Fathers intended, it is past time for us to begin to practice responsible citizenship along with public and private virtue.

He will also answer your questions.

Charles Kraut was born in New York City and raised in Westchester County, New York. 

He received his BA in Social Sciences from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1971 and his MBA in Corporate Finance from Brigham Young University in 1978.  

Between degrees he spent four years in the US Army, a portion of that time in a sensitive assignment behind the Iron Curtain.

Charles first campaigned for a Republican candidate in 1964 when “carpetbagger” Bobby Kennedy moved to New York from Massachusetts and defeated incumbent Kenneth Keating for the U.S. Senate. 

He contributed regularly to the Republican Party for many years, and then in 2008 discovered the Constitution Party.  

Charles joined the Constitution Party immediately and began attending, then speaking, at their National Committee meetings.

A student of the Constitution, Charles has written two books about the Constitution and is working on a third as part of his effort to return America to its roots.  

In 2018 he made the decision to focus his efforts on public education.

This event will take place at the below location in Frederick County, Maryland.

Frederick County Public Library
Urbana Regional Library
9020 Amelung Street
Frederick, Maryland 21704

The event will be held in the Small Conference Room located on the Upper Level, overlooking the reading garden (at the top of the stairs, on the left, past the adult information desk).

There's an elevator.

The event is free & everyone is welcome including children. 

Feel free to invite others.

You don't have to be a Constitution Party member to attend.

You may eat and drink in the room.

Constitution Party of Maryland Chairman Michael R. Bertocchi will bring several books written by Vox Day from the below link to the event. 

Several of us including Charles will go to lunch after the event at the below restaurant across the street.

Atlantic Grille
3531 John Simmons Street
Suite D-05
Frederick, MD 21704

Please go to mapquest.com for directions to the event.

Not an official Frederick County Public Library event.

The location of the event shall not be construed or implied as a promotion or endorsement of the Constitution Party or its provisional organization, platform, candidates, supporters or event presenters, by its hosts.

The Constitution Party and Marylanders for Constitutional Governance (Constitution Party Maryland state affiliate) wish to express gratitude to our host site for their hospitality.